Rose McGowan says Democrats are a CULT, Called The Enemy of the Changing World

After a very polarized election, the Democrats finally defeated Republicans in the presidential polls. The country, divided on ideology is slowly getting back to normalcy. Meanwhile, everyone is expressing themselves on the political situation in the US. Recently, Rose McGowan called the Democrats enemies of changing world.

Democrats in Words of Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan in an interview to Fox News expressed her views about the politics in the USA. She said people often are in a cult without noticing it. She also believes Democrats to be in a deep cult, without even knowing about it.

Rose revealed that she herself grew in a cult called “Children of God”. She hinted at the importance for Americans to wake up and notice the “propaganda machine” of extreme politics. McGowan added, she respects the strong stance Republicans take on backing their unwavering views. Meanwhile, Democrats seem to represent a misguided system to her.

During the interview, she spoke about how she finds democrats to be against all things sane. She believes Democrats are against changing the world for the better just to masquerade as helpers in the world. Long back she isolated herself from the grip of politics. She went on to claim that she’s used the isolation to heal and recognize the kind of twisted rhetoric she supported as a Democrat.

Digs at the Democratic Party of the USA

McGowan spoke at lengths about her persecution and awakening from being a democrat. She believes the Democrat is a hard-core cult and asked what has the cult achieved for women and people they promised to help?

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McGowan shared a message with all Americans saying “personal freedom comes at the price of you realizing how you’re being controlled.” She suggested the viewers of the show to make a list of everything they independently believe in.

She urged the people to look through themselves and find what part of them has been implanted either by Hollywood, or the media, or leaders? McGowan asked people to believe in their organic instincts are remove their supplanted views.

She asked people to look at their own belief systems and get free.

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