Big iOS 14.5 Updates from Apple: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Apple, not only now one of the leading smartphone companies but the most futuristic company in the world too. So, if you are an iPhone user then this article is going to be very much informative for you. Because in today’s article we gonna talk about the upcoming OS update of your iPhone.

So, if you interested to know more about it then go through this article. After reading this one, I hope you get all the answers of your questions.

Big iOS 14.5 Updates from Apple: Here's Everything We Know So Far

About the upcoming Os update

After the launch of iOS 14 in the previous year we saw another new update of iOS in the month of January. At that time they introduced iOS 14.4 which is really a bit of a masterpiece. And after that now the company is all set to launch another Os update which is 14.5.

As of now, apple is going to release the update from the next week onwards. So, let’s quickly talk about what you get in this upcoming update.

So, here the first feature that you get in the upcoming update is a very brand new face unlock feature. Here they solve your problem of face unlocking while wearing a face mask. Besides this, now apps need to get permission from the user to track their activity and data regarding this. So, in one word this is another very great feature that may help to protect your privacy.

Moreover, there is another update that makes voice assistant Siri more interesting. Now, here they change the female voice of Siri which is the default one in previous. So, now you can change the voice or customize it on your own.

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Besides this, if you now want to experience this update before the original release then you can also download the beta version of this. It is publicly available for testing now.

Big iOS 14.5 Updates from Apple: Here's Everything We Know So Far

Release date

So, now the question that may arise that when you get this update from the company to download. As per the official confirmation, it’s decided to release this update in a week after 26th April. But till now the exact release date isn’t clear at all.

Big iOS 14.5 Updates from Apple: Here's Everything We Know So Far

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