Joe Biden Removing US Troops from Afghanistan Confirmed, by Sept. 11, 2021.

9/11 is one such date that we can never ever forget. The day when the world trade center was Targeted by the Taliban. Since then Afganistan and American are in a constant war. Which is considered the world’s longest war. Soon after the 9/11 attack around 20 years ago American President of that time George W Bush had ordered the invasion of Afghanistan. in order to Punish Osama Bin Laden and his Qaeda followers. The Taliban has given them shelter in Afghanistan.

American Troops Coming Back Home After 20 Years.

President Biden recently decided to withdraw all the American troops from Afghanistan. His decision will be announced on Wednesday and it said that he is likely to announce his decision public on Wednesday. Antony Blinken the US Secretary of State and US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin will brief the decision to NATO in Brussels on Wednesday. Initially, former President Donald Trump had set May 1st as the deadline to withdraw all the troops from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden Removing US Troops from Afghanistan Confirmed, by Sept. 11, 2021.

This dealing is changed to 11 September 2021 by Joe Biden. The withdrawal will take place only after certain security and human rights guarantee. On September 11 set as the date of withdrawal, Afganistan is retaliating and demanding the withdrawal of the US troops by May 1. It also threatened the Biden administration saying if the May 1st dealing is not met they will begin with the hostilities again.

20 years ago when the war began it was launched with widespread international support. With time it became very tedious and turned bloody which forced the British to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in the 19th century. The Soviet Union too withdrew its forces from Afghanistan in the 20th century.

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In a conflict between Afganistan and American troops, 2,400 American soldiers died. This conflict cost around $2 trillion. To prevent the death of innocent people Joe Biden decided to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

His decision is widely supported by the Democratic supporters in Congress. On the other hand, the Republicans said this decision will be very risky for American Security.

Democrat of  Virginia Senator Kim Kaine in a statement said –

” The U. S. went Into Afganistan in 2001 to defeat those who attacked the U.S. on 9/11. It is now time to bring our troops home, maintain humanitarian and diplomatic support for a partner nation, and refocus American national security on the most pressing challenges we face.”

So let’s hope for the best and for this longest war to end.

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