John Boyega Girlfriend 2021: Who is John Boyega Dating?

British-Nigerian actor John Boyega gained popularity after performing as Moses in the film Attack the Block in 2011. He earned worldwide recognition after performing as Finn in the Star Wars sequel. The Last Jedi is in the theatres now which brings back John into the limelight with a bunch of people asking about John Boyega Girlfriend and His relationship status.

John Boyega Girlfriend 2021?

So We are here to Find out about John Boyega Girlfriend. As far as we know the 29-year-old actor is not dating anyone currently. Although it is being rumored that he is dating Maggie Carrie, however, this information hasn’t been confirmed yet. He opened up about the kind of relationship he is seeking. Boyega has always been straightforward towards his relationships and this time he says he is looking for a perfect partner with whom he could spend the rest of his life.

The actor wants his relationship to be just like that of his parents and wishes to have kids in the future. He specified his relationship expectations by saying he wants his partner to be a Christian. As he was brought up in a religious family and he believes that it was his religion that supported him and helped him deal with various career-related difficulties.

John Boyega Girlfriend 2021: Who is John Boyega Dating?

His parents have been together for the last 25 years and he is looking forward to accomplishing the same. According to him, it’s a good thing to have someone alongside to exist together. He also mentions that he has not yet experienced how it feels like to have someone beside and he also assures that whoever she might be, she must be a Christian.

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About his Previous Relationship

The actor shares his experience from his last relationship which was in 2015. He was dating an unknown woman and she left him after she discovered that he was one of the celebrities who played in the Star Wars Movies. Regarding the same experience, he says he is OK in every term but when it comes to love he lacks it and is broke.

He says a lot of women are the same, they don’t like their relationships to be loud and full of publicity, they want them to be confidential. The actor is looking forward to finding someone to have a permanent relationship with and he is serious about his relationship life and is looking for somebody who fits into his life. 

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