Who is Christ Poole? 4Chan Founder leaves Google

Chris Poole left Google who is the founder of 4Chan, On 13th April, making his last official visit to Google creating a buzz in the media due to beunknownest departure. 

In 2003, 4Chan was a website where people can post comments or share images anonymously.

 Poole was hired at Google in 2016, leaving his own website 4chan behind and working efficaciously for Google.

Who is Christopher Poole?

Christopher Poole, also known as Moot, born in 1988 in New York City, United States. At the very young age of 15, he created a website 4Chan because his obsession with anime and memes made him do such stuff. 

But unexpectedly, after a decade, the website became the Net’s greatest factory of memes and mayhem. After 4Chan, numerous sites created the following controversies on the topic of Privacy. 4Chan plays a platform for sharing explicit images and hacking created a controversial forum, later sold to an entrepreneur Hiroyuki Nishimura in 2016.

4Chan legally proved known famous among hackers where people encountered their privacy in public. 

In 2009, Poole became notorious after his name stood in the World’s Most Influential person of 2008. Poole was the talk of the town, appearing in many shows as an entrepreneur. 

When did he leave 4Chan and joined Google?

In 2015, Poole recanted from the 4Chan website after eleven and a half years of spending there. In 2016, Poole joined Google in the Google Maps division based in Tokyo.

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Initially, Poole was hired as a product manager under VP Bradley Horowitz which led him to a position at Google and changed various jobs in five years. Taking a prominent role at Google to drive Google’s social media plans. Poole became a partner at Google’s startup incubator Area 120, but appalling left the job without any reason.

All of a sudden, Poole left Google after five years on 22nd April 2021, without proper explanation for his absence. Just like, he left his 4Chan website behind.

According to some reports, some media tried to contact Christopher Poole but ended up without any response on his side. it is assumed that Poole has some ideas on other stuff and currently working on that. 

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