Lionel Messi Career, Early Life & Awards

King of the football world Lionel meaning “Leo” Andrés Messi is an Argentine football professional. He serves as a forward and captain for both the Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team. Messi is considered the best of the best when it comes to sport.

Lionel Messi’s Career and Early life

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Messi was born and raised in Argentina and at the age of 17, he first appeared as a player for club Barcelona. Messi was weak and fragile in his growing days but passion for the sport was in his heart since he was a child. He used to play the sport with his brothers and later joined various local football clubs.

Lionel Messi-Career-Awards

Messi joined the Juvenile club and hastily advanced into the club’s ranks. In the season of  2003-2004, he got promoted to Juvenile A and served 18 goals in 11 leagues. In his matches, senior players were troubled by the unbeatable performance of the legend. Soon after he joined Barcelona C to improve and then within a month he marched into Barcelona B and then to Barcelona in 2010. 

Messi became worthy of $150 million and Inter Milan asked Messi to join them with a proposal of increasing his salary 3x. Barcelona felt like they have lost a golden player but Messi according to his will decided to stay with the club. The saga of his victories goes on. He has scored above 500 goals and has a score of more than 700 goals in his career for club and country. He also grabs the world record for the highest official goals in his career.

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Awards he holds

He achieved his first prize when he was 22 and after that, the series of triumphs continued. He won 6 FIFA ballon d’Or. He has also earned the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2009 and The Best FIFA Men’s Player in 2019. He is the only player with 469 goals in La Liga which is the highest score as of yet. He has a total of 767 goals for both club and history and has won the European Golden Shoe award six times. Besides these, the player has received several other trophies and is an outstanding athlete.

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