Spezia vs Inter Milan: Match Recap and Points Table

Next in the Serie A Italian Professional Football Clubs League Competition which was founded 123 years ago, we have Spezia Calcio who fought their first match ever in the Serie A league in 2020 and are going to combat against all-time champions Inter Milan. 

Previous Match Recap and Points Table-

Top-notch Italian Football Club Inter Milan is scheduled to fight against the Club Spezia Calcio which recently in 2020 played its first home game ever in the competent football league of Serie A. The teams have clashed before and have played 3 matches against each other where Spezia won 1 and Ac Milan succeeded in 2 with 0 draws.

The result of the last matches of teams with the year of head-on combats are as follows-

YearSpezia CalcioInter Milan
January 15th, 20140103
October 4th, 20200003
February 13th, 20210200


The latest match played on 13 February 2021 in Alberto Picco left everyone surprised by the performance of Spezia Calcio Club, both the team clashed with 0 Red Cards in hand and the victory fell into the laps of Spezia as the second round ended with the scoreboard 0-2 and the excellent Inter Milan experienced defeat. After entering into the Serie A League Spezia wants to stick into the league and is creating a tough competition for Inter Milan.

Upcoming Serie A match Predictions-

The next combat between these two teams is scheduled on April 22, 2021, and after the defeat, Inter Milan faced they would give it their all to maintain their title of superiority and Spezia Calcio who wants to frame its position in the league is making it tough for every team to defeat them.

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The Italian Clubs want to prove their excellence in the sport but as Spezia is playing for the first time they are hyped to find a place in the league and Inter Milan wants to retain its position at the top. In the presence of referee Daniel Chiffi both the teams are going to clash head-on and the quality and speed Inter Milan has is going to be tough for Spezia likewise. Spezia has high spirits and keeping in mind the experience the score can end to Spezia 0 Inter-2. 

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