Logitech G710+ Review: Here’s Why it is Still One of The Best Gaming Keyboard Out There

Life of people have changed since the pandemic. The year 2020 has seen lot more stuff moving in the online domain than before. The rise of e sports is one of those results of the pandemic. To bring the best out of your gaming session, a responsive keyboard is a must. So to make your sessions easier we give you the review of Logitech G710+ keyboard.

Old age but still in Game

The G710+ was released in the market on October 2012. Since then it has made a mark on the business of keyboards. This mechanical keyboard can work as both Typing and Gaming Keyboard. The keyboard boasts of Cherry MX Brown key switches at its heart. This is an improvement over its predecessor Cherry MX Blues that produced more mechanical clicking sounds while typing.

The G710+ Gaming Keyboard

The Aesthetics

Upon unboxing, the keyboard looks as if it is a heavy beast, but in reality the keyboard is lightweight and sturdy. The keyboard is powered by two sets of USB cables. It has six built-in programmable macro keys at its left end. These keys can be programmed from desktop application to perform user-defined tasks. The keyboard also features a palm rest. It also has a special scroll wheel for volume control.

The gaming keyboard is supported by big rubber supports which keep the keyboard static even during tough gaming. One of the coolest features of the keyboard is a wire channel built right underneath the keyboard. This channel is helpful in passing the wires of headphone jack under the keyboard.

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Keys and Lighting the soul of Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard has 6 performance gaming keys, 110 anti-ghosting keys and 26 – key rollover. Now on the lighting front, the gaming keyboard has adjustable dual-zone backlighting. The keyboard allows to adjust the brightness of WSAD and arrow keys independently from rest of the keyboard keys. This all lighting is helpful in finding the keys even in low light.

Few cons

The keyboard is a bit old and with time its predecessors were built with newer technologies. The lack of RGB lighting in this age is a serious letdown. The keyboard is also riddled with many keys which find almost no use even in gaming scenarios.

Bottom Line

G710+ is definitely a good keyboard with many functionality and sturdy design. Here is a link to browse it online –

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