Ohio Shooting Update: 1 Dead, 1 Critical Condition, Say Sheriff’s Office

A woman in Ohio was shot dead while driving by a vigil for shooting a victim near Columbus. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office reported that the woman was going to participate in the vigil at the parking lot of a Dollar General store. A group of few people had organized a vigil to pay tribute to the shooting victim who had died a year ago in the same location.

The report mentioned that a man named Jarrin Hickman was murdered at the location a year before in a shooting. The harrowing incident took place at around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday near the general store. A black-colored SUV showed at the location where people were gathered for the vigil and drove past them. The people inside the vehicle then quickly started drawing weapons and started shooting at the crowd.

5 wounded among the crowd at the shooting

The shooters started gunfire and hit at least five people from the crowd. A 12-year-old child was also present in the crowd, who received a bullet in the gunfire. The injured victim was quickly rushed to the local hospitals following the gunfire. The sheriff’s office reported that none of the five people received any life-threatening injuries and every one of them was doing fine.

However, a woman named Latoya Carpenter unfortunately caught in the gunfire and lost her life. She was just driving past the vigil around the Dollar General Store. The 39-year-old woman crashed her vehicle into the parked car nearby after a bullet hit her head. Carpenter lost her consequences and was pronounced dead at the scene. There are no suspects at the moment and the authorities are still investing a case.

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Later, a new report reported that a victim’s life is in critical condition following the shooting. The authorities haven’t revealed the identities of victims currently receiving medical treatment. This news came just a day after the shooting of Rebecca Jean Rogers in the neighbouring city of Canton in Ohio. Rogers was shot in the Bob Evans, located at Lesh Street on Friday.

The EMS arrived at the scene quickly gave Rogers first aid and rushed her to the Mercy Hospital. However, Rogers passed away on her way to the hospital. Canton Police later arrested Richard James Nelson, who was responsible for shooting Rogers.

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