Analysts Predict Major Doge Pump Coming, 40 Cent Prediction by April End

Dogecoin’s value had a quick surge over the weekend and went to fall down on Monday. However, on Tuesday, the crypto coin is again on the course to reach the moon. Dogecoin fans and people on the internet have pushed the coin to pump on pot-smoking holiday, 4/20. The 20th of April is a popular day in meme culture and fans want to drive the meme-inspired coin higher on the same day.

Fans on the internet have labeled the 20th of April as Doge Day. The #DogeDay hashtag is trending everywhere on Tuesday, which has pumped the value of Dogecoin to 42 cents, the highest ever value in the coin’s history. Dogecoin had just crossed the 10 cents mark over the past weekend and has already crossed the 30 cents mark today. The coin hit the intraday high of 42 cents at around 11 am GMT, on Tuesday.

In the past few days, the digital currency has spiked over 400% in value and garnered over $51 billion in total market cap value. While the Shiba Inu-themed token has enjoyed pump, other crypto assets have been suffering a breakdown. Bitcoin, the highest valued cryptocurrency reportedly saw a downfall in its value for five straight days along with another high-valued crypto, Ethereum.

Another Huge Doge Pump Coming

Multiple analysts believe that the meteoric gain received by Dogecoin in the past few days is just a start. The analysts predict that another huge price pump is coming in few days. Dogecoin is currently trading at more than 30 cents and fans will continue to push the crypto to a higher value. Many Millenials are enjoying the price pump of Dogecoin as a revolution and will continue to push forward.

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As of writing this on April 20, the Dogecoin is currently trading at $0.35 according to The value is currently falling after seeing a jump all day in the crypto market. By the end of this month, the analysts predict that the coin will stand over the 40 cents mark and will continue to trade without a downfall. Moreover, the crypto coin has a higher chance to grow more and hit the dollar mark in the coming weeks.



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