What is WhatsApp Status Flaw: How Stalkers Using It To Track Women and Access Private Information

WhatsApp, the widely used messaging app is facing cybersecurity issue. Here’s what, why and how?

WhatsApp Status Flaw

WhatsApp in today’s date is the most popular and widely used messaging app. All across the world people are connected via WhatsApp. Be in for students, working professionals or any individual WhatsApp has eased up our life on another level. But is it totally safe? Not really, it does have some flaws.

WhatsApp Status Flaw: Stalkers Using It To Track Women and Access Private Information

One of the recently detected flaw of WhatsApp is that stalkers and cyber attackers are using WhatsApp Online Status Tracker websites and apps. With the help of this they can stalk people and even access the personal information of users. According to the reports, it has been stated that these trackers can even disclose information like who is texting whom, where, and more.

How are the stalkers accessing personal data?

WhatsApp Status Flaw: Stalkers Using It To Track Women and Access Private Information

When any users comes online in WhatsApp, it shows “Online” on top. This feature is pre-embedded and cannot be changed. Users can hide their last seen but not the “Online”. Even if you don’t save someone’s number, they can still see this online tag.

These WhatsApp status trackers, they continuously monitor ones status. It shows the exact date and time when the user came online. And the catch is, it is very easy to use. Just have to enter the WhatsApp number of any user and the tracker websites and apps will give you all the data. Starting from how long a user was online to whom is he chatting, everything is accessible with these tracker websites and apps.

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These are few of the shortcomings of WhatsApp. Users will have no idea that who is stalking them. On the side of WhatsApp, it has no such settings to monitor these breaches. Also, the lack of option to hide statuses from people and those who are not added in the contact list is one of the biggest flaw of WhatsApp which has been criticized by cybersecurity officials all across the globe. As of now, there is no official statement from WhatsApp about this security breach.

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