Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez DATING!!!!: Is The Rumor True, Here’s What We Think

During this Pandemic situation, we saw a kick start of new love Stories and the coming together of most of the celebrities. We even witnessed some amazing weddings and heartfelt separation. A pandemic is like a fruit basket with many things in it.

Is Richard Madden Dating Froy Gutierrez?

Here’s another love story coming your way cooked up between Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez. Both the actors took over social media over the dating rumor. According to some sources, it is said that they are spending quarantine time together in an apartment rented by Emilia Clarke.

Coming from a working-class family Richard Madden his way to the industry as a Scottish actor. In an interview with Richard Madden, he opened up about his struggles. He even spoke about the social and economic inequality caused by the lack of education. We know Richard as a Game of Throne start. The websites that went popular worldwide. It is suspected that the start is dating Froy Gutierrez.

We know Froy for his acting in the Teen wolf. Froy is an American singer and actor born in 1997. He is currently 24 as of 2021. He began his acting career in 2015 by going for auditions. In 2017 he kicked off his career through Teen Wolf.

Before this rumor came up Richard was said to have stayed under one roof with the 13 Reasons Why? Actor Brandon Flynn. Brandon is much open about his sexuality and he even went public with regards to that.  On the other hand, Froy and Richard like to keep their personal life personal. None of them reacted to the current rumors nor they gave any confirmation with regards to that.

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It is said that the duo was spotted on the streets of London getting down the cub and then driving off in the car. Richard control over the wheel and Froy took the seat next to him.

Before this, they two were said to have spent the lockdown in  Los Angeles together stayed in an apartment rented by Emilia Clarke. It was said that Madden after finishing shooting for the new Marvel film he flew back to Los Angeles.

The duo is seen together most of the time and this indicates that they might be romantically involved. But as no such confirmation is made. As of now, this all seems a rumor. Though fans are very curious to know if Froy is gay. What we can do is sit back and wait for a formal confirmation.

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