Corpse Husband and Lil Nas X are Collabing on a New Project: Here’s Everything We Know

Cadaver Husband is one of the greatest YouTube sensations and has ruled the vast majority of 2020 and rising music star Lil Nas X might actually be teaming up on an energizing music project.

Montero is moving everywhere on the web at the present time, as the tune exploded on TikTok. The possibility of Corpse teaming up with the American rapper got fans quickly intrigued by it. Cadaver Husband was referenced by Lil Nas X in a Tweet that could be a clue for their impending cooperation.

This isn’t the first run-through that Corpse Husband and Lil Nas X have to meet up, having done as such in the past for a significant stream of Among Us.

During their new Minecraft stream, the healthy unique that Corpse and Lil Nas X shared before long turned into the discussion of Twitter, as scores of fans spouted over the pair’s future fight.

Corpse Husband has answered decidedly to Lil Nas, making it protected to expect that a remix for the greatly famous tune is on its way.

The Old Town Road tune has been remixed multiple times and with five absolute adaptations of the hit single, Lil Nas X is no more unusual to improperly deliver his melodies again and again, in any event, taking hits at himself over the course of the years for his non-prejudicial craftsman choice.

The body was as of late highlighted in DAYWALKER!, the most recent Machine Gun Kelly single where Rachel “Valkyrie” Hofstetter deciphered the anonymous YouTuber in the authority music video.


While CORPSE has been delivering music for well longer than a year and creating himself from an exceptionally youthful age, perhaps his work with a significant craftsman-like MGK grabbed the attention of probably the most smoking performer, play on words planned once more, of the cutting edge age for a coordinated effort.

Albeit the two craftsmen have shared Minecraft and Among Us collab previously, we’ll need to sit and stand by as we probably are aware of how Nas treats his Twitter devotees.

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