Issac Wright Jr., Candidate of Being New York’s Mayor

Issac Wright Jr. is an American Lawyer who is recently standing among the candidate for being The Mayor of New York. He, the 59-year-old lawyer, is currently a candidate in the 2021 New York City mayoral election. Issac Wright Jr. was born on 23rd January 1962. Read how the candidate of the New York’s Mayor was wrongly accused, served in prison and fought his battle against the law, and won the same

Why Issac Wright Jr. was convicted?

In 1991, Wright was accused in the case related to the sale of drugs, He was convicted under the Drug Kingpin Law of New Jersey. He had 10 drug charges against him which was discussed in the 5 weeks of hearing after which he was convicted and was sentenced to Life imprisonment. Along with him, his wife was also accused of similar charges and served 9 months of imprisonment.

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He was accused of buying 10 pounds of cocaine from the co-defendant. Wright didn’t lose his hopes and continued studying law in prison. He helped more than 20 co-prisoners in reducing their sentences. Some of his arguments lead to new laws.

How did Issac Wright Jr. was proved innocent?

In 1996, Wright and his Lawyer filled a petition regarding turning over his conviction. During the hearing of the same, He was found innocent. He and his lawyer re-examined the police officer who was involved and was the in-charge of the case. Detectives also confessed about the misconduct of search, and making witnesses lie under the oath. They also covered up the proves with illegal cover-ups. After the full hearing, it was found that Wright was innocent and should be out of prison.

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