Rapper DMX is on DEATH BED and DYING, Says Doctor Amid Hospitalization after OD

The time of the famous rapper DMX is not going so well. The American rapper is now in hospital and getting the necessary treatment for his health problem. But what happened suddenly, and why he is moved to the hospital?

Here in this article, we gonna discuss all of these questions which are come to your mind. So, if you are wanted to know what happened and so on then stay with us till at the end of the article. After reading the whole one, I hope you guys are getting answers to all your questions.

Why DMX is hospitalized?

The whole incident happened on Saturday when he was falling ill. After that, he was moved to the hospital. Here the doctors said he had a heart attack which probably shocks everyone.

Murray Richman, DMX’s Newyork based lawyer admit this and said DMX is now not a very good condition and he was ill now.

About his condition

It’s now a quite obvious question that, what is now his condition. So, his lawyer Richman said, he is not in a good condition. He said he is now on life support which indicates his condition isn’t very good. Besides this, a representative said, he is still now in ICU and totally under the observation of doctors.

But as we all know DMX is a man who is a great warrior. He fights against thousands of opponents entire of his life. So, we hope that he will be overcome very soon from this condition.

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But, the question is why this happened suddenly. Some say this was an incident caused by the overdose of drugs. But everyone doesn’t accept this theory and says this is not a proper reason behind it. So, in one word the main reason is still not known or not disclosed.

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