US Navy Envoy Sings Hindi Song ‘YE Jo Desh Hain Tera’. Here’s Why?

India is known in the world for its Bollywood songs. Especially for the romantic songs and love stories. It’s not only now that the songs got popular internationally. Because of the internet and digitalization but the Hindi songs had a huge fan following even during the time when the internet didn’t exist on earth. India has always remained a center of attraction since ancient times.

‘Ye Jo Desh Hai Mera’ Sung by US Navy.

We Indians often witness the movement when the video of our JAWANS go viral. Enjoying every bit of life on boarders by singing some old romantic song or few lines from the patriotic song. Expressing their love for ‘Mother India’. But this time its not an Indian soldier whos the center of focus. But a member of the US navy who sings a popular old Hindi song.

At a dinner meeting between India’s ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu and the US Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Michael M Gilday. Held on 26 March 2021. US navy officer sang a popular hindi song which was a part of the program held for the Indian ambassador. The officer sang ‘ Ye Jo Desh Hai Tera’ The song was a part of the 2004 film ‘Swadesh’.

The word Swadesh means ‘your own county’ The film was inspired by Zee TV’s drama series names Vaapsi. Vaapsi is a Hindi word that means ‘Return’. In the film we a story of an Indian guy working at NASA as a project manager. He is hailed to get back to his motherland through the song.

The song ‘Ye Jo Desh Hai Tera’ was composed by the popular Indian singer A. R. Rahman. He’s mostly known for his series of patriotic songs that are international hit. The song is reminding an Indian his duties that he/ she has towards the motherland. Its a call for them to return and fulfill their duties.

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Indian ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu took it to Twitter to express his feeling after hearing in the foreign land. He even shared the video in which the officers are singing ‘Ye JO Desh Hai Tera’ He Twitted saying ” This is a friendship bond that cannot be broken ever. ‘This is the bond that cannot be broken ever’ are the original lyrics with the word friendship added by Sandhu.

The video is only 1.5 minutes long but it got over 15.7k likes. Along with 209k views on microblogging sites. The US Navy Band that is connecting the two nations since 1925 too twitted after Sandhu’s Tweet. the tweet says “The @usnavyband sea Chanters share a song of happiness and love at a small performance for the @USNavyCNO and Ambassador of India to the United States, @SandhuTaranjitS. The Navy Band has been connecting the @USNavy to our partner nations since 1925! #HappyHoli,”.

Sandhu in a separate tweet tanked the US CNO Admiral Gilday for hosting a wonderful dinner and evening. Further, he said that he’s looking forward to work together and deepen the partnership.

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral M Gilday in his message said ” Together, we will promote a free, open & inclusive riles – based order in the Indo – Pacific and beyond. I look forward to our two navies’ continued cooperation.”

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