Desktop Version of Twitter’s Clubhouse like Feature ‘Spaces’ is on The way!

The success of clubhouse has prompted a slew of tech companies to create substitutes in order to keep users engaged with their platform. On Android and iOS, Twitter also unveiled its clubhouse rival feature- Spaces.

However, the micro-blogging site now seems to be on its way to taking space to the desktop. Twitter is testing how the functionality would look on the desktop, according to the Verge.

What is Spaces- The Clubhouse-like feature introduced by Twitter?

Desktop version of Twitter's Clubhouse like Feature 'Spaces' is on the way!

Twitter’s audio-based Spaces, similar to Clubhouse, will enable users to gather with another person or a community of users for live conversations. You’ll be able to see them while they are happening but will no longer be publicly accessible on Twitter once they have ended.

Spaces first went live on 18th December 2020 according to the official tweet.

On a Twitter Space, the host has the ability to allow users to chat. A host could limit access to only those who have been invited, or they could open it up to anyone or the people you follow. While an infinite number of users can interact and listen to speakers, only 11 people can talk at any given time in a Twitter Room.

Spaces feature appears where the fleets appear, above the Twitter timeline. Users can enter by clicking on these Spaces and choosing to either be a listener or a speaker. They may ask for permission to talk during a Twitter Space conversation if they want to. It is up to the host to encourage a user to talk during a Twitter Space conversation. Users will enter a Space after receiving an invitation from another Twitter user or participate if the host makes the link to the Twitter Space public, or if you are the host, you can share the link to the Twitter Space through Direct Messages.

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Desktop version of Twitter Spaces is on the way 

A developer for Twitter Spaces also shared some mockups of how spaces could appear on the site. Twitter Spaces card would look the same on desktop as it does on phones, as seen in the screenshot. It will include a list of participants, such as the host, speakers, and listeners, as well as the option to join the space.

There is a possibility the desktop version may also work the same way as it does in Android and iOS.

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