3 Movies You Need to Watch Before Going to Theatres For Godzilla Vs Kong:

Godzilla Vs Kong has already been released in theatres and everyone is excited to go to the theatres to watch the movie. But before you go and watch the movie in theatres, you should revisit some of the older classics to prepare yourself for the role. The movie you will visit can be a part of the monster verse and it can a stand-alone movie in another verse altogether.

Theatres For Godzilla Vs Kong:

So here’s a list of movies you can watch on this long weekend before you even go to the theatres to look at the epic battle between two beasts. The posts could contain some spoilers for some movies.


This movie was directed by Peter Jackson in 2005 and it’s almost 3 and a half-hour long. This movie although does not belong in the monster verse but it’s a good movie to watch though. The movie gives justice to the original movie which was made in 1993. The movie stars the amazing Jack Black in the lead role who gives justice to every scene he is a part of.


The movie was directed by Matt Reeves in 2008. The movie is an original story and not inspired by any movies from the monster verse or any Godzilla and king kong standalone movie. Although the movie has taken inspiration from Godzilla in a handful of ways but still manages to show you an honest portrayal of an original cinema. But if you look carefully, the monster in Godzilla has inspired by this movie which s a little strange.

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The movie was directed by Michael Dougherty in 2019. The movie was hugely criticized by the critics in a number of ways but the creation of an audience was just the opposite. They really liked the movie and also love the portrayal of Godzilla despite the short screen time the beast had in the movie. The movie was one of the founding stones in the monster verse. If you want to have a little idea of how all this started in the first place, you should watch this movie.

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