The Stranger Things Personalities as Per Their Zodiac Signs

When Will goes forgetting, creatures get weird in this tiny Indiana village, Netflix’s Stranger Things viewers met personalities like the adventurous and kind Mike Wheeler, the paranoid Joyce Byers, and the supernatural assessment, Eleven, who reaped the moniker.

Although fans don’t know the perfect birthday of most of the Stranger Things personalities, some clues are respecting these personalities and their attitudes. Here are some probable zodiac indications of your favourite characters.

Dustin Henderson as an Aquarius

This personality is generally a “go with the flow” manner of someone. Aquarius’ are attributed with being free scholars and somewhat “off the beaten road,” just like when Dustin gave rise to residence his beloved, Dart. Still, Dustin is insanely enthusiastic and a promising companion to have around the life.

Mike as an  Aries

According to Stranger Things Fandom, in the Stranger Things humorous novel, it asserts that Mike was assumed on April 7, giving rise to him an Aries.


We completely recognize that for Mike, as this identity often takes a leadership position in his friend organization. He’s difficult and hardworking, as well as credible and incredibly adventurous.

Jim Hopper as a Aries

As a flame sign, Aries are also understood for their mood and tenacity, which is what some enthusiasts discern in Jim Hopper, Although it occurred not his children that existed quickly in problem, this personality was willing to throw down everything  to enable Joyce discover Will. He was also a governor, enabling to keep the citizens of Hawkins calm.

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Joyce Byers as Virgo

She’s inclined to accomplish whatever it seizes to conserve her kids., Although she seems a small paranoid, it’s her institution and imaginative thinking that enabled her to communicate with Will Because Virgos are understood for being imaginative, good, and occasionally adamant, Joyce could be this zodiac sign.


Max as a Scorpio

This personality is honest and violent, just like her hair. “Mad Max” came to be an instant improvement to the Hawkins AV Club battalion. (Well, except for to Mike.) Nonetheless, Max was pretty various from the other colleagues. She was brave in the save of some weird animals and she was loyal to whatever secrets the boys believed her with both are characteristics of a Scorpio.

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