ITZY is The First KPop Group to be The New Face of The Popular Makeup Brand, Maybelline New York!

On March 31, Maybelline New York posted the uncover of their most current expansion to their family ITZY. Here’s all you need to think about it!

The Popular Makeup Brand

Maybelline delivered an image and a video film on their Instagram and we can’t quite fainting over how dazzling every part looks! The individuals can be seen applying solid red-shaded lipstick and other eye cosmetics!

Since Maybelline New York delivered their cooperation with ITZY, their fans, MIDZYs have been not able to stop their fervor! They’re the freshest expansion to the Maybelline family.

Who is ITZY?

Not simply their exceptional design styles, sweet movement, and vocals, yet the gathering is likewise known to deliver music that helps individuals (particularly ladies and young ladies) construct motivation, certainty, and strengthening. Their melodies ‘WANNABE’ and ‘All In Us’ talks a great deal about self esteem and inspiration.

In a proclamation delivered by Maybelline New York, Trisha Ayyagari, Global President said that “ITZY champions confidence, independence, and self-articulation to their fans and worldwide local area. Their energy is amazing and I am so eager to carry these voices to Maybelline!”

Shaped in 2019 and endorsed by JYP Entertainment, ITZY burst onto the scene by crushing records with “Dalla,” the quintet’s introduction single that crested at #2 on Billboard’s YouTube graph and #1 on iTunes’ melody diagram in twelve areas. With four collections, an effective reality arrangement, a 11-city exhibit visit, and innumerable honors (counting 11 Rookie of the Year/Best New Artist grants) under their belts in only two years, ITZY keeps on ascending in prominence all throughout the planet. Their impending collection set to drop onĀ April 30, “Think about Who,” vows to additional concrete the young lady bunch as a worldwide power.

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Their fans are attracted not exclusively to their assertion-making style, smooth dance moves, and snappy tunes yet the motivating messages of strengthening that urge audience members to be proudly themselves. ITZY’s motto, “All in us,” is an impression of the gathering’s fundamental beliefs which incorporate fearlessness and unlimited confidence. These convictions come through in their music. Every tune conveys a directive for the world and their fans and means to motivate individuals day by day. ITZY’s soul and positive stage sync up with Maybelline’s image estimations of certainty, strengthening, and inclusivity.

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