Death Note: Saddest Things About Light Yagami

Light is the villain of Death Note and a great serial killer, but there have been a few times since that we still sympathize with him. Even people not used to anime are well aware that Light Yagami, the exponent of Death Note, is not a conventional villain.

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Sometimes he ruthlessly avoids his enemies and parts together from the cruelest villains. Then there were few different occasions on which their illegality appeared to be justified. Put simply, the light is virtuoso gray and it is this ethical confusion that divides fans into two groups.

While few have been determined to trust that the light is driven only for stupid reasons, however strong the sense of justice may be, it will be related to that tendency. Well, no matter how you feel about the light, it is tedious sometimes not to determine with it. For the most part, he could be responsible for any trials and tribulations that occurred to him towards the end of the sequel. However, his terrible fate and various events that led to it are not happy.

At the beginning of the series, Light is introduced as a young worker who is much smarter than his colleagues. He seems to have a cynical view of the world around him, but he never manifests his tendencies. He gets his hands on the death note, he was terribly different from most teenagers his age. He spends most of his time in his bedroom preparing for his tests.

Death Note: Saddest Things About Light Yagami

And instead of being fashionable among women and peers. Students, he limits wasting his time supporting social activities. One reason for this is that your view of the planet is very different from most people, especially those around you. Over time, it’s the same beliefs that could make it inaccessible. The light would simply have restricted any reasonable nuisance if he had never fallen in love with L’s initial torment.

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For example, Light moves forward with confidence that no one will be smarter than him. And it is the assumption that leads him to kill the main bait that L is keeping for him. Additionally, he embarks on a ruthless assassination attempt, confident that no one in the world could be ready to find out how he does it.

Throughout the sequel, Light takes extreme precautions to fulfill his warped sense of justice. He kills various innocent people, ruthlessly manipulates them for his own sanity, and even fires his fans.

The unfortunate half is that he will make sure all of this doesn’t happen. However, he retires as a diabolical character to really save the world. At least that’s what he thinks he does. He even convinces himself that by killing all evils he is making a related ultimate sacrifice just to make sure the planet is a more robust place for those who are honest and kind.

Although it is controversial whether or not the light did the right factor first, it appeared to be well focused teenagers and their criminal assassinations are trying to bring much peace to the world.

As a result of your actions, the rate in Japan was about to decline, but if you use the death note skills most will lose their sense of morality and responsibility. It’s kind of a curse and completely takes you away from your sensitive thoughts. The binding of light and L goes through a great catharsis throughout the series.

At some point he reaches Level A wherever they are certain friends, if not for Death Note. L, who is as stoic as light, even claims that light is the next factor that he never had to be a friend. In the manga, Light sees signs of buried personalities wherever he reconsiders his decision to kill L as light.

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If only the death note had to fall into someone else’s hands, the light would spend the rest of its life following something very significant, and golf has sparked its high intellect for sensible use. Empathing with his family Instinctively, he prevents his father from acting if his sister is kidnapped, even though he knows that this can help Mello to trigger the death note.

The proven fact that if caught, he may never think of changing his family’s respect, shows how careless he is, despite being brilliant because of it.

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