Tenet is Back in Theatres With Shows Already Being Sold Out

In these times when we only had a big budget disappointing movies in this whole decade. We got sequels and prequels of original stand-alone movies or original trilogy. We got movies from some of the biggest studios in Hollywood with not-so-surprising bad critical responses. And in all that chaos we expected some good directors to give us movies we will love and adore.

Tenet is Back in Theatres

In all the directors, we had high expectations from Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. The trailer of the movie was quite extraordinary. And the moviegoers expected to see another masterpiece from the Cinematic Verse of Nolan. But when it was released it got huge critical backlash, both from critics and audience who wanted to see something refreshing on the weekend.


The movie was released back when we still had a lot of rising cases of Corona Virus in the whole world. And when Tenet was released in theatres, it didn’t receive a heartwarming welcome from the audience as no one wanted to risk their life for a movie. The movie unperformed at the box-office because of both rising cases and the critical response. But now, in a recent post and tweet by IMAX theatres, they said, the movie received a good response from the audience and shows will run till 30th March.


They also tell that there are more than 30 sold-out shows for Tenet. This is good news for both Christopher Nolan and studio Warner Brothers.  We also have to consider the fact that Tenet is also available on streaming platforms, so seeing this many people making bookings to see in IMAX is a little hope.

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As Christopher Nolan has already said that his movies are made for IMAX and should be seen in the theatres. We know that Tenet will require a lot more box-office profit to come in the list of his older movies. His Dark Knight Trilogy is already in the billion-dollar box-office club. So, seeing people heading to the theatre, of course with precautions is good for him.

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