Robbers Steal Over $1 Million Worth Goods From Beyoncé’s Warehouse

Yes, the theft has taken place again! According to several TMZ reports, it was reported that goods worth $1 Million were stolen from Beyoné’s production Company: Parkwood Entertainment. This was the second robbery that took place in the month of March.

Taking about the before thefts, expensive goods from at least three storage units were stolen. Looks like the burglars are having the best days of their lives not to mention ‘lucky days of their lives.’

Items Missing From Storage Units

In the past month her expensive gowns, dresses, her kids’ toys, handbags, family photos and mementoes are stolen. Some personal stuff if her stylist has also gone missing.

Robbers Steal Over $1 Million Worth Goods From Beyoncé’s Warehouse

The law authorization sources confirmed, that the primary heist has a place for the singer. While the police proceed to examine, no arrest has been made so far. Recently, it was detailed that hoodlums stole dress, family photographs and mementoes from Miley Cyrus’ capacity space. Sounds like the same heist group from Beyonce’s warehouse.

Is Her ‘Black Is King’ Wardrobe Gone too?

Fans are wishing that her ‘Black Is King’ wardrobe is not stolen. Because if that happens, that will be a real problem. Currently, we don’t have a detailed report on what has been gone. But we will keep you updated on the heist.

Black Is King as fair a visual collection is a modest representation of the truth – it may be a film in and of itself. Black is King is a song album that tells a story of its own. It may be a worldwide modern reimagining of the story of The Lion King over a few nations and three landmassestaking after a human Simba’s travel with Beyoncé as an ethereal storyteller and is direct.

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The film employs sound clips from The Lion Ruler to help with moves that shape the story, and all of the heroes from the film are reproduced as real-life characters with more identity and substance. It glorifies the beauty of Black people.

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