Netflix All Set To Release The First Japanese original Anime Titled Eden

The First Japanese original Anime Titled Eden

No doubt we all once had wondered how life on Earth will be if robots take over humanity? And now Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood director Yasuhiro Irie has been producing a brand new anime series to give the audience glimpses of how dark life on Earth will be if Robots start to rule us.


The anime was introduced at Netflix’s panel at AnimeJapan2021, where the streaming platform treated fans with its worldwide release date with an official mind-boggling trailer. This series is one of the initial anime from Netflix’s plan of dropping 40 original anime series.

The show takes you on a ride to the future where robots are taking over their human creator and now settled in the titular city. It portrays the future where humans are no longer almighty or legends. However, the actual story starts when to custom robots named A37 and E92 find a human baby named Sara during their regular patrolling. With emotional and personal beliefs they both decide to raise the baby outside the robotic world of Eden. As Sara grows older she gets to know about her sinister truth.

The trailer that premiered recently has a bit different tone from what we witnessed during the annual AnimesJapan event. This trailer focused more on the robot’s perspective, portraying how robots feel about humans extinction. However, the art and the mysterious plot of the series was the main highlight of the trailer.

Eden is the first-ever Netflix’s entirely original anime series. In past, Netflix has released many anime series including Castlevania and Neo Yokio but these were often American-Japanese co-productions. Even anime shows labeled as “Netflix Originals” were licensed from different Japanese studios.

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Netflix is confident about its 40 anime plan and they are looking forward to starting the success streak with Eden. As per the new trailer, the anime series is slated to premiere on May 27.

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