3 Most Views Show on OTT Platforms in India

As we have already said. We are living in the golden era of Storytelling. Movies and TV shows have become a large part of this society. With a large number of shows releasing on OTT platforms and cable networks, there is a competition in the number of viewers they have. There is a competition on the quality of content they make. With some exceptions, the number of shows that are produced by OTT platforms is average and few of them are good.

3 Most Views Shows

But the quality of content doesn’t determine the viewership it has, It is possible that a show which received an average critical rating will have more viewers than a show which was highly praised by the critics. But we are not here to give feedback on the show. These are the top 5 shows with the largest viewership this week. The list is as follows.


With more than 3.8 million views on MX player, the show tells the story of a cop named Virkar who has a short temper. He is on a mission to catch a blackmailer who assaults and murders college students via the dark web. The show is a kind of a mini-series with 8 episodes and a possibility of a new season because of its viewership.


With more than 2.3 million views on ALT balaji and ZEE 5, the show tells the story of an as the name suggests woman. She plays every key role in society and in the home, but what about her. Directed by Sahir Raza, the show is intriguing and gives a huge comment on the patriarchal society the world offers and a woman’s struggle through all of it.

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With more than 1.6 million views on Disney+, the show starts with the events of Endgame and after the death of Captain America. The show also takes a huge grip on the personal lives of both our heroes and how will they live in a world without Steve Rogers. The show also gives light on their personal lives and how they are struggling to make up their wrongs.

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