Meghan and Harry’s are being Trolled for their Copied NGO Title

Meghan and Harry are being trolled again and the reason is not because of their statement regarding Royal Family or their clothing. After being the highlights and the headlines of all the News Channel after their sensational interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Meghan and Harry’s

The couple became a sensation and everyone is eagerly waiting for the updates and current scenario of the couple. The interview was quite an eye-opening interview where Meghan choose to be vocal about the situations and the things she got to face while being in the Roal Family. She revealed and shared everything from her mental health, to her being suicidal and then Royal Family members’ concern about the skin tone of their first son, Archie.

Meghan and Harry's are being Trolled for their Copi

Harry also shared that after cutting off from the Royal Family completely, which includes financially as well, he managed to be independent financially because of his mother Diana and the inheritance she left for him.

Why are they being trolled?

After cutting off from the Royal Duties, The duo decided to open and start a nonprofit organization which is called Archewell. It was established and came in run in April 2020. Archewell stands to encourage the community, service, compassion, and action. The name of the Non-Profit Organisation is after their son Archie.

Their logo for the organization is being allegedly copied from Austrian property company Am Werdertor project’s emblem design. The logo was supposed to depict the ‘AW’ from their logo but eventually get trolled for copying the idea and the logo from the property firm.

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A Marketing expert first noticed it and was shocked that how the organization couldn’t see the resemblance of their logo with the property firm’s logo. When got into the highlight, the property firm decided not to take any action against the organization as it is a non-profit organization.

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