ISRO Added Another Feather to its Cap with the Successful Testing of Quantum Messages for Secure Satellite Communication

ISRO has achieved one more success by exhibiting free-space quantum communication, the distance is over 300 meters. The success of this project is the first step toward a future in which Indian satellites will be used to relay quantum encrypted data from one location to another.

In order to make this mission a success, several key technologies were developed by ISRO, including an indigenously developed NAVIC receiver for message transmission between the transmitting and receiving modules.

ISRO Added Another Feather

It was led between two buildings inside the grounds at Space Applications Center which is situated in Ahmedabad. The experiment was conducted at night to prevent interference from direct sunlight.

um Messages for Secure Satellite Communication

Signals encrypted with it were used for live videoconferencing. This is said to be a significant advance in the use of such technology to ensure completely safe satellite data communication.

Is Quantum Technology the Way of the Future?

Quantum communications technology employs quantum mechanics principles, which are based on physical laws, whereas other digital communication systems encrypt data using complex mathematical algorithms.

It is well acknowledged that in today’s world, our data is not secure; there are numerous websites, applications, and software that can easily access our data.

Quantum-key technology will be critical in addressing this problem. Signals from QKD could provide a secure means of communication between two individuals, particularly those who need it, such as members of the military, navy, or air force.

Quantum key distribution has a special feature in that it alarms the two interacting users whether a third party is attempting to acquire knowledge of the key.

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Such networks would be resistant to hacking, offering an extra layer of security. According to ISRO, no potential technological advances will be able to break quantum-based encryptions.

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