Why Charlie Murphy Leaves Peaky Blinders Cast Ahead of Season Six

This long journey of Peaky Blinders has seen the arrival of many characters tha later became the life of the show and the dispatch of many fan-favorite characters. As the sixth instalment of the Gangster series is in production and secrets about the Shelby family are about to reveal.

The thrilling season 5 left us thinking with mentally unstable Tommy Shelby pointing a gun on his head and Communist Jessie Eden resurfaces to stage route during Mosley’s speech. But the sad part is we won’t be able to find out more about Jessie Eden as Charlie Murphy has decided to leave the series ahead of season six.

Why Charlie Murphy Leaves Peaky Blinders Cast Ahead of Season Six

Charlie Murphy portrayed the role of Jessie Eden, the leader of factory workers in Birmingham. Her role was inspired by a true-life communist with the same name, Charlie’s character was introduced at the beginning of season 4. Fans were more briefed about Jessie’s role in season 5 when her role with Tommy was more defined.

Recently, Charlie revealed what made her left the show and why she is done with Jessie. While having a conversation with Digital Spy, Murphy shared shooting for season 5 was a real thrill, she got a chance to learn about life with the help of Jessie’s character

The actress revealed that currently, she is not filming anything for the series, which hints that she has no connection with the drama unwrapped at the climax of season 5. She said her departure is not due to some personal reason but the long-time jump between seasons 5 and 6 of the series.

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Why Charlie Murphy Leaves Peaky Blinders Cast Ahead of Season Six

Jessie did became the occasional love interest of Tommy, but their relationship was not enough significant. Many hearts broke with the revealing of the news of Charlie Murphy leaving the show.

After leaving the show, Charlie is all set to feature in The Winter Lake and another series Halo. The star may not be returning but the Shelby Family is all set to return with the sixth and final season of the long gangster saga. There is still no official release date for the upcoming season, but it is likely to be in early 2022.

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