Twitter to Introduce ‘Undo Tweet’ Feature,But Only for Paid Users

Twitter, one of the major social networking sites to come up with theundo tweet feature soon.

The microblogging app, Twitter, will soon roll out its new ‘Undo Tweet’ feature. Now the question arises, what is this ‘Undo Tweet’ feature?

Unlike most apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Signal which comes with the option to unsend messages, the undo feature of Twitter will also be somewhat similar. The only difference will be is that, the time to unsend messages will be very limited, similar to that of Gmail.

Twitter to Introduce 'Undo Tweet' Feature,But Only for Paid Users

Within few minutes of tweeting, if one wants to unsend it they can. The users will get a finite time to unsend the tweet.

When will this feature roll out and for whom?

This new feature will only be for the paid users. It is a subscription-only feature. Those who will pay for it, only they will have the access to this new feature.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, shared a screenshot on Twitter showing how the undo feature might look and work like. However, the image is tentative, only for show purpose. The actual thing might differ.

Twitter to introduce 'Undo Tweet' feature, but only for paid users

She also suggested that when this new feature will be available, it will be only for the paid users. ‘Undo Tweet’ feature will allow the users to overturn a tweet rather than deleting it. The new feature is currently in the testing phase according to the CNET report.

The ‘Undo Tweet’ feature, was a much awaited feature among the twitterati’s as it will help to correct the typos made while tweeting. Also, it will add up in revenue generating for the company as the users will have to pay to use the new feature. It will also help in convincing people to join Twitter.

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