Microsoft Teams to Add New Features to iOS and Android

Microsoft Teams is a competitor of the Zoom app for group chats for conferences and work. The features added in the new Microsoft Teams update are different for both the android and iOS platforms.

Microsoft Teams applications for Android and iOS devices received the latest update this week. The team and video-conferencing app’s latest update brought a lot of features to both platforms. The features included in the update are very different on both platforms. The iOS update has major features compared to the Android section.

Microsoft Teams to Add New Features to iOS and Android

What are the latest features in Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android?

iOS users will now be able to use live reactions while a team meeting or on a one-to-one call. The reactions include animated thumbs up to heart, clapping, laughter, and many more.iPad users can now present in live events. This feature will be helpful in sharing content with the team quickly and easily. iOS users will now be able to remove cached account information from their sign-in page.

For the Andriod people, the new update has done small updates. Anyone can now sign in and join events with their team of friends and family. Android folks can now forward meetings from one person and many more people. For users who have updated on Android 11, there is now an improved version of notification support on the top of the Notification drawer.

Microsoft teams have also introduced Teams introduced Snap Camera (by Snapchat) integration with the desktop app allowing users to add AR filters. A Together Mode is also introduced as it allows the host to transport the participants in a coffee shop, or to an auditorium during the time of a meeting. The application will now allow present in a live event through an iPad. With the latest update, users shall be able to join and run a live event with the help of their iPods.

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