Lupin Star Omar Sy Joins Louis Leterrier’s Upcoming Netflix Movie

After making fans go crazy with his performance in Lupin, Omar Sy is coming back to Netflix but in a different role as he is set to feature in Lupin director Louis Leterrier’s upcoming French action-comedy Netflix movie.

According to the reports by The Hollywood Reporter, Leterrier’s movie is going to be the sequel of 2012’s classic On the Other Side of the Track, which stars Sy as brave police officer Ousmane Diakhite.

Along with Omar, actor Laurent Lafitte is also all set to reprise his classic role of fellow cop Francis Monge. The Samba and Rodin star Izia Higelin is going to portray a key role in the movie.

Lupin Star Omar Sy Joins Louis Leterrier's Upcoming Netflix Movie

Ousmane and Francis make an undefeatable crime-fighting duo, due to their different way of working and unique lifestyle. After solving many mysteries and mind-twisting cases they are reuniting to solve another thrilling case that will take them into the French Alps.

Reportedly, the plot of the movie is going to follow the investigation of a drug-case which soon becomes a high-profile criminal case with danger at every step.

Lupin Star Omar Sy Joins Louis Leterrier's Upcoming Netflix Movie

Production of the untitled movie has already kicked off in France, with the screenplay credit on Stephane Kazandijian’s name. If everything goes as per the plan the movie is expected to see its release on Netflix in 2022.

Sy has been the key highlight of the movie. Omar has established himself as a complete artist with his performance in French crime-comedy Lupin. The series follows the life of Assane Diop, a master of disguise who has trying to solve the mystery of the case that became the reason for his father’s death. 25 years on, Assane takes inspiration from the ‘Gentleman Burglar’, Arsène Lupin, to avenge his father’s death.

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The series has broken many records on the streaming platform and the second part of the series is slated to release this summer.

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