Jungkook’s Crush on this Singer-Actress and Jessi’s Revelation of her Crush on Jungkook

BTS’ Jungkook is quite possibly the most mainstream individuals from the septet. However, while numerous individuals really like him, Kook really likes this K-pop vocalist.

BTS’ Jungkook is a heartbreaker for some, ARMY fans out there. Be that as it may, the Maknae line part really likes another K-pop vocalist. BTS’ Jungkook really likes this pop artist entertainer ordinarily. Indeed, even fans are very much aware of Jungkook’s pulverize and frequently archive confirmation of the equivalent via web-based media. Discover beneath who Jungkook’s crush is!

Jungkook's Crush on this Singer-Actress and Jessi's Revelation of her Crush on Jungkook

BTS’ Jungkook’s crush is THIS singer-actress

In any case, while BTS’ ARMY frequently discusses their affection for the K-pop gathering, the septet has likewise spilled insights concerning their VIP smashes. BTS’ Jungkook in a few meetings has admitted that he really likes K-pop vocalist IU. At one of the Yahoo Music Awards, BTS was gotten some information about the primary collection they purchased with their own cash.

What’s more, BTS’ Jungkook bashfully admitted that it was IU’s collection. A video of Jungkook and IU even became a web sensation via online media that affirmed Jungkook’s squash on IU. This video is from Melon Music Awards 2017 where IU was designated for a significant class and surprisingly wound up winning the honor. BTS’ Jungkook really wanted to respect IU’s talent and discourse during the awards night. Watch this video from the MMA’s 2017 highlighting BTS’ Jungkook and IU Kpop here.

Jungkook's Crush on this Singer-Actress and Jessi's Revelation of her Crush on Jungkook

As referenced before, BTS’ ARMY is developing step by step and numerous superstars are additionally essential for this being a fan now. The furthest down the line expansion to this being a fan is Korean Hip Hop Queen Jessi. On her syndicated program, Jessi’s Showteriew! the songstress spilled a few beans about her own life and ultimately uncovered her VIP pound. During a Q&A meeting with her co-have Cho Jung Shik, Jessi conceded that she really likes a BTS part.

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Before long she started portraying how this BTS part has gotten a “masculine man” as of late and Cho rushed to say that it was “Jungkook”. Jessi appeared to be somewhat humiliated and bashful over being gotten by her co-have however then started to portray her working involvement in the Bangtan young men. On the show, Jessi said that when she worked with them, they were all young men however now they all look like men.

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