Fan Favorite Superstore ‘Cloud 9’ is Closing its Doors with Season 6! Finale Release Date and More

Cloud 9 has come to an end, and it’s time to say farewell. The office comedy starring America Ferrera is wrapping up after six seasons with a special one-hour finale in March.

Superstore premiered on NBC in 2015 and quickly developed a following. Superstore is a comedy produced by Justin Spitzer about a group of oddball workers at Cloud 9 Store 1217, a discount warehouse store in St. Louis, Missouri.

A workplace comedy starring America Ferrera and Ben Feldman about a special family of workers at a super-sized megastore. Together, they tackle the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain seekers, riot-causing transactions, and nap-worthy training sessions, from the bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans to the incompetent summer recruits and in-it-for-life bosses.

Fan Favorite Superstore 'Cloud 9' is Closing its Doors with Season 6! Finale Release Date and More

Throughout its run, Superstore has gained acclaim for providing funny moments when discussing current issues. Immigration, maternity leave, affordable childcare, and pay equity are among them.

A Recap of Superstore Season 6: What Has Happened So Far?

On Thursday night, one week before Ferrera’s previously scheduled series finale return, Amy surprised the audience by appearing in a tag scene.

The impending closing of Cloud 9 was hinted at in the cold open. After a group of teenagers stole their shopping carts and transformed them into BattleBots, Cheyenne told a customer that corporate had yet to supply Store 1217 with new ones.

Jonah’s new girlfriend Hannah told him that she recently deposed Amy as part of Carol’s pending litigation against Cloud 9 prior to Cheyenne and Amy’s phone call. Amy’s signal kept cutting out when she was up in some mountain cabin for unexplained reasons. Jonah did some social media snooping with Sandra’s help and discovered that Amy was on holiday with Emma and Parker, not with a new boyfriend (What a relief!). When Sandra urged Jonah to call Amy, he insisted maybe a little too vehemently that he was over his ex.

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Fan Favorite Superstore 'Cloud 9' is Closing its Doors with Season 6! Finale Release Date and More

Cheyenne called Cloud 9’s Director of Customer Experience to see if the loony Lowell’s slip of the tongue was cause for alarm, and Amy returned a few minutes later. Amy didn’t know much about Cloud 9 going under based on her expression, but she told Cheyenne that she’d look into it.

Dina broke up with her veterinarian boyfriend Brian this week (with an unintended assist from Garrett). After that, the co-manager decided to go out to dinner with her (occasionally) friend-with-benefits, but she refused to say that she cares for Garrett and wants to date him.

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