Woman Accuses Armie Hammer of Rape Amid LAPD Investigation

The accuser, identified only as Effie, said she had been left traumatized and had considered taking her own life after she accused her then-boyfriend, Armie Hummer assaulted her physically during their relationship.

Police in Los Angeles has dispatched an examination concerning a claim of assault made against Hollywood entertainer Armie Hammer.

Woman Accuses Armie Hammer of Rape Amid LAPD Investigation

Details Regarding Accusations

The affirmation from investigators of a request came minutes following a 24-year-elderly person showed up at a news gathering and claimed she had been assaulted constantly by the actor in 2017. The lady, who lives in Europe and was distinguished distinctly as “Effie”, gave a realistic portrayal of her associations with Mr. Hammer and told correspondents: “I thought he planned to kill me.”

Since January, some of the entertainer’s previous accomplices have asserted he was physically and emotionally abusive.

A progression of pictures, suspected to be screenshots of direct messages he sent, was posted namelessly, enumerating upsetting and brutal sexual Fantasies including savagery and assault.

Mr. Hammer denied the screenshots were real and called the allegations “baseless and vicious”.

Woman Accuses Armie Hammer of Rape Amid LAPD Investigation

 Hammer’s Denial of Accusations

In response to the allegations, Mr. Hammer’s lawyer repeated the actor’s denials.

Alluding to Effie by her complete name, Andrew Brettler said her “own correspondence with Mr. Sledge subverts and discredits her silly claims”.

He released some explicit text messages he says she sent to Hammer to which the actor “responded making it clear that he did not want to maintain that type of relationship with her”.

“From the very beginning, Mr. Mallet has kept up that the entirety of his communications with (the informer) – and each and every sexual accomplice of his besides – have been totally consensual, examined and settled upon ahead of time, and commonly participatory.”

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