Everything you need to know about Family Man Season 2

Amazon’s Prime Family man became one of the most popular shows in India. It beautifully captured Socio-Politicals aspects of Indian society right now. People connected with the show wholeheartedly. Fans are waiting for the series for a long time now and as the release date for season 2 comes closer, the excitement for the series becomes much more validated.

The series came from the genius of Raj and DK. Both are accomplished directors and were fit to make this action pack series. I mean how can we forget the single-shot hospital scene. And as Raj and DK have already said, the second season is way bigger in scale than the first season.

Everything you need to know about Family Man Season 2


The release date of the family man season 2 was supposed to be released on the 12th of February but because of some problem the show was postponed but we still it should be released in a couple of months. Season 1 left us incomplete because of the huge cliffhanger in the last when everything went sideways. There has been no special screening for the critics too, we guess that the show could have been postponed because of post-production.


The conflict was presented in the first season where our main protagonist is struggling in his work life as well as his work life while he is trying to balance both without breaking a sweat. But as the story unfolded in season 1, we see that became a huge storyline. Srikant Tiwari became one of the set pieces in the show while everything around him was moving at a fast pace.

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Everything you need to know about Family Man Season 2

Season 2 will also continue to dig a little deeper into the original conflict. We guess Raji will be the main villain in this show. Musa was killed by Raji in the last season. So, if they do not introduce any new character which is superior to Raji, then he is our main antagonist.

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