BTS and their Never Ending List of Records

BTS has always been a major part of musical news and always gets highlighted whenever Korea’s name appears. This band of seven boys has attracted a number of fans from their syncing moves, voice, music, and their charm. In the Korea Music Industry, BTS has given a major contribution.

Their increasing popularity all over the world and the “Army” they have created is huge and the youth is crazy about them. Because of such huge popularity, they are being recognized by the industries of other countries. Recently, Bts was nominated for Grammys and they have also be seen performing in the same on their famous song Dynamite. 

BTS and their Never Ending List of Records

Records were broken by BTS

BTS has won a number of Guinness World records. It includes having one in reaching a million followers on Tik-Tok which they achieved in only 3 hours and 31 minutes. Another one is having the maximum views on their Youtube video within 24 hours. First, the record was broken for their song “Boy With Luv” in 2019 but recently they broke their own record with their latest and most loved song Dynamite in 2020.

Twitter Records they hold and broken 

They have 252,200 avg. retweets on their Twitter account so they hold the overall most engagements on Twitter. They also held the most number of Twitter followers on Korean Twitter accounts in 2017 as well as in 2018. They also have records in the maximum number of tweets under the same hashtag in 24 hours in 2018. 

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There is a never-ending list of records of BTS that have been achieved and broken. BTS with its charm has the broke maximum number of various social media platform records. 

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