One Piece Chapter 1008: Release Date, Time, Spoilers

One Piece chapter 1008 is scheduled to release on Sunday, March 28, 2021. It might show the fight on the roof of Skull Dome. Fans need to wait a touch longer together Piece Chapter 1008 won’t release in the week. The raw scans, spoilers and detailed summary might release on the last Wednesday of March, consistent with the newest tip from insiders.

Release Date, Predictions, And More

The hit manga will take a weeklong break following the discharge of two consecutive chapters earlier this month, consistent with reliable industry insiders within the community. Fans can expect One Piece Chapter 1008 on March 28. If this release date remains correct, then we will expect English translation are going to be at the subsequent times for international audiences One Piece chapter 1008 to be released in the dark JST i.e.., at Pacific Time 10 AM, at Central Time noon, at Eastern Time 1 PM, at British Time 5 PM and at European Time 6 PM.

One Piece Chapter 1008: Release Date, Time, Spoilers

Many fans believe One Piece Chapter 1008 would showcase the events happening on the roof of the Skull Dome, where Kaidou, Big Mom and therefore the Supernovas are fighting. Fans are more interested to understand the important identity of the mysterious figure, revealed in One Piece Chapter 1007 as Kozuki Oden. Most of them aren’t yet convinced that it’s indeed Oden who helps Kinemon and therefore the scabbards within the previous chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1007 also highlighted Chopper and his discovery of  Ice Oni plague antidote. His surprising fight scene with Queen the Plague also. His timing was just in time to save lots of Hyougorou from getting killed and his antidote converted the Pleasures and Waiters to the Minks-Pirates-Samurai alliance. With Marco’s help, Chopper took a Rumble Ball, transformed and gave Queen the Plague a robust slap that blood came out from his mouth.

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The CP-0 is their hiding area and that they were talking about the Onigashima War. Their leader mentioned the Lineage Factor and therefore the man-made Akuma no Mi that the planet Government asked Dr. Vegapunk to develop. Apparently, the experiment was considered a failure and therefore the artificial Akuma ni Mi was left in Punk Hazard, where it went down when the place was destroyed.

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