i5 Variant of Intel Leaked

Before we can talk about the leaks, we should know how they got leaked. For those who are given the preproduction chips (different from actual chips which are going to be released in the market or available to consumers) to test,  these performance benchmarks are sometimes leaked to the public by mistake or intentionally in order to hurt the company’s reputation and market values.

After it got leaked, those on the other side eagerly waiting to look at it, also known as the technical geeks started to preassume the features and performance of the chips like power draw, heat Dissipations, and real-time clock speed (single-core and multi-core), and price.

i5 Variant of Intel Leaked


Intel has developed a strong reputation in Indian markets and as we know that a lot of people and we know that a lot of people are not into technical aspects of computers like performance and throughput. People assume intel is the only manufacturer that they can rely on thus AMD gets the second priority in Indian markets. But if you are into technical hardware backgrounds, you might know that how efficient AMD chips have become over time. The price to performance ratio is far better than that of intel in the same price range.

However new chips that are made by intel are becoming efficient over time due to a significant decrease in the size of transistors and it looks like in the near future intel might give a strong competition to AMD in terms of multi-core performance. However, in this current time, intel still holds the ground in terms of raw single-core performance.

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i5 Variant of Intel Leaked


In the pic below, you can see the architecture, transistor size, core clock speeds, TDP, the cores, and the threads. This shows intel is significantly improving its CPU designs which favor both the customer experience and helps them to keep up their competition with AMD in this era of powerful desktop and mobile CPUs.

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