The Reason Behind the Hatred for Bombay Begums on Netflix

Netflix released a number of TV shows and Movies. Many were good but the majority of them were just bad storytelling and direction. One of the shows that Netflix released was Bombay Begums. It got a mixed response from both the parties, the viewers as well as critics. Before we move ahead to how critics reacted, we want to share our response.

For me, the show was tackling many issues at one time so, the script felt rushed. They had many things to say which of course fits into this patriarchal world. But by focusing on many aspects, we never get to explore many topics. As I said it was rushed. The story feels long for a story this short. The episodes felt like a lifetime to end if I am being honest.

The Reason Behind the Hatred for Bombay Begums on Netflix


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This is a story about 5 women trying to overcome the struggles they face in their respective fields. There’s Rani who just became a CEO in one of the biggest banks in Bombay, a fictional thought. She has to struggle in a place where everyone wants her to fail miserably. Her condition at home is also bad as it comes.

She is not welcomed by her step-children as well as her husband who is still grieving that his first wife died. The whole plot of the story with other characters revolves around her. Then there’s Fatima, played by Shahana Goswami, and we all know she is a great actress. She also works at the same bank as Rani. She was appointed by Ranu to be the head of a division in the Ban.

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The Reason Behind the Hatred for Bombay Begums on Netflix

Then we have Lily, who is a dancer at a bar and he’s also a sex worker and a single mother trying to fit in this society who looks down upon her. And then Ayesha who is a new worker at the bank but she has a different character arc than other women, the show explored her sexuality and as a character, she is still figuring it out. And the last is Shai, a teenager whose mother just died and she starts to struggle with puberty. She is also the narrator of the show which is a little useless.

The Reason Behind the Hatred for Bombay Begums on Netflix


The criticism around the show is based on characters. Although there is some constructive criticism that should be taken into account. One was the story was too stretchy at many points. Struggles against sexual harassment at work are narrated, but the storyline is like a crisis at any point. People had also some problems with a teenager, consuming drugs but that is just society trying to cover up the facts.

It also received praise from everyone. One critic said she felt that it was very raw and the emotions were beautifully captured. She felt like the sensitivity of the topic was captured. And it’s not just about sexual harassment at the workplace but much more than that. She also liked the way it dealt with adultery in relationships, especially the fact that it didn’t deal with it in a black and white way.

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