Dirty John Season 3 Release Date News: Everything we know so far

“Dirty John” is a true-crime anthology series set in sunny Southern California, and it explores the theme of love gone wrong. Viewers will follow a relationship from its hopeful beginning to its tragic end in each season. Raising the question of whether it is possible to really know another, including the person one loves the most.

The series helps to remind the audience that there are two sides to any storey. And people are rarely as they seem, by exploring the complexities and reframing the narratives of well-known cases.

Will there be a Season 3 of Dirty John?

Dirty John’s third season has yet to be renewed by USA. The first season of the show aired on Bravo before moving to another network. However, based on Alexandra Cunningham’s remarks to The Hollywood Reporter. About the third season’s preparation, we’re hopeful. Cunningham said, referring to herself and the rest of the writers’ room, “We’re going to be having a discussion really soon.”Dirty John Season 3 Release Date News: Everything we know so far

It will have a different plot and a whole new cast. Since the show is an anthology. Each season is self-contained, so Peet will not reprise her role as Betty Broderick.

However, a similar thread runs through all of Dirty John’s seasons. “We consider love gone wrong and coercive power to be our unifying principles,” Cunningham told The Hollywood Reporter. Another “love gone wrong” story is on the way.

The writers may have an idea for the story of Dirty John Season 3.

Cunningham discussed her expectations for the upcoming season with The Hollywood Reporter. Cunningham, for one, wants to leave the West Coast, where both seasons have taken place. She also wants to shift the emphasis away from romantic relationships. That dominated the first two seasons and toward the family unit.

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“The ultimate example of love gone wrong, in my opinion, is familial love. Not romantic love, not a couple, not a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship (as in the first season) or a divorced couple, but mother-child, siblings. I believe that parental love is where love gone wrong truly begins. That parental love is not appropriate, twisted, or real. And that this is one of the things that contribute to people’s future behavior. If given the opportunity, that’s something I’d like to investigate” According to Cunningham.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has caused delays in TV and movie development. So it’s hard to tell when season 3 of Dirty John will be out.

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