10 Best Horror Movies to Watch in 2021

After living through the actual horror show that was 2020, There are many other horror movies in 2021 to look forward to! Here is a list of some great horror movies that you can watch.

1.The Vigil

Planned release date: February 26

Plot: A young man spends a scary night fulfilling a ritualistic vigil over a dead body.


Planned release date: March 19

Plot: This Marvel movie is about a brilliant scientist with a rare blood disease who tries to cure himself…but ends up turning himself into a vampire, basically.

3.A Quiet Place Part 2

Planned release date: April 23

Plot: The Abbott family continues their fight against the noise-sensitive aliens, and is forced to go out into the unknown beyond the safety of their farm.

4.Last Night in Soho

Planned release date: April 23

Plot: A fashion-obsessed girl goes back to the ’60s where she meets some of her idols, but realizes that things aren’t what they seem to be!


Planned release date: May 21

Plot: It focuses on police detectives investigating the gruesome murders—only to find themselves at the center of the killer’s game.

6.The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

7.The Forever Purge

Planned release date: July 9

Plot: A couple finds themselves stranded in Texas and terrorized by a group of strangers determined to keep the Purge going.

8.Don’t Breath

Planned release date: August 13

Plot: The Blind Man is back and now he’s adopted an orphaned girl. Together, they’re living in peace in his cabin—until a group of criminals abducts the girl, forcing him to leave his cabin and move out to find her.


Planned release date: August 27

Plot: A ghost story about a supernatural killer haunts the housing projects of Chicago’s Cabrini Green neighborhood. But as per the Legend, the killer can be summoned by anyone who repeats his name five times into the mirror.

10.Escape Room 2

Planned release date: TBD 2021

Plot: One of those puzzle-games movies where completion of the game is needed! but with seriously deadly results if the puzzles aren’t solved in time.

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