Why is Selena Gomez Thinking about Retiring from her Music Career

Selena Gomez has been in the limelight for almost two decades. She began her career in the entertainment and music industry as an actor and then as a musician. Gomez began her musical journey, with the Disney soundtrack songs in the year 2008 followed by her and her former band’s 2009 debut studio album, Kiss & Tell.

She has donned many hats such as of a producer, singer, actor in her career span. Her songs have been musical hits every year. She has collaborated with different musicians and attempted different musical genres such as Indian, Spanish.

At the young age of 28, Selena has three Billboard 200 No. 1 albums, 18 Teen Choice Awards. She is the fifth-most awarded artist,  who has more than 5 billion U.S. song streams.

Why is Selena Gomez Thinking about Retiring from her Music Career

Did Selena shot for the Vogue Cover for April 2021?

Selena will be honoring the April 2021 cover of Vogue.  She opened up about her thoughts about potentially retiring as a musician. The actress-singer star believes that there are a lot of people who don’t take her seriously and it is making her rethink her continued journey in the music industry.

She said in an Interview for the Magazine that she is finding it hard to constantly keep doing music when people don’t take your music seriously. Selena had moments where she has felt like Where I have been like, What is the point?. She got thoughts as Why does she keep doing this.

Gomez feels that Lose you to love me she felt was her best song she has ever released. She feels that for some people it isn’t enough. She thinks that a lot of people enjoy her music and for that, she is really thankful which keeps her going, but she thinks the next time she does an album it will be absolutely different. She said that she wants to give one last shot before she might retire from music.

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