Twitter Beats Clubhouse from Android, Space Platform will Select Users

Twitter has been the most important tool of Social Media Celebrities before Instagram in spite of its popularity. The app has been widely popular and is active. And in use among popular figures, political and sports personalities.

Many Memers and people who create video and Twitter memes have a fan following due to being active on Twitter. And using humor to talk about pop culture and trending topics. The application is now bringing new features for Twitter lovers and those who are active on the application.

Twitter Beats Clubhouse from Android, Space Platform will select Users

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter announced on Monday that the application is opening. Its live audio chat rooms which are known as Twitter Spaces, for Andriod users. This application was previously available for iOS users. The product’s private beta launch took place in December 2020.

The company has given access to  Android users as well who will also be able to join. And talk in Spaces currently but not every user will be able to start a conversation on Spaces. Though they will be able to they will see alerts at the top of their feed when someone on the application will commence.

Twitter Beats Clubhouse from Android, Space Platform will select Users

The company has been working quickly on Twitter Spaces for months since its beta debut. The team that has been working and developing Twitter Spaces hosted a Space where users were invited to give honest feedback. Ask questions, and get to know about what Twitter had done when it comes to works for the product.

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What are the features of the Space App?

The features are at present are being shared in public as they’re designed and prototyped. Including options such as titles and descriptions, scheduling options, support for co-hosts and moderators, guest lists.

The application has also updated its preview card that appears in the timeline. And relabeled its “captions” feature in order to be more accurate, from an accessibility point of view.

What is Twitter Shopping Card?

The social media website is testing an upcoming feature called a Twitter “Shopping Card”. That would allow users to tweets posts that link directly to product pages through a “Shop” button. A feature that seems to attract a lot of paid brand collaborations. For beauty and fashion influencers and content creators.


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