Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date, Discussion & Watch Online

Japanese manga and anime are in huge demand all over the world. And, it has a huge fan following not only in Japan but in the rest of the world. The fans eagerly wait for a new episode or any new updates.

Unlike all other anime, the adaptation of the Japanese novel Log horizon was first aired in 2013. But, the anime has so far completed realizing two seasons. So, from the third season, seven episodes were released so far, with Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 8 released soon.

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date

Log Horizon is a Japanese novel written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara. It was serialized in 2010 for the shosetsuka ni naro website. Enterbrain later acquired the novel and it was published a light novel in 2011.

The translated version was published by Yen press in 2015. The novel has altogether four manga adaptations. One is based on the same story and with the rest three based on the characters of the main story.

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date, Discussion & Watch Online

The story revolves around the life of Shiroe the founder and leader of the anonymous guild and the most liked member of the round table alliance. The story begins when thousands of people get trapped in an alternate world resembling some of the elements from the popular show ‘ Elder brother’. The third season is tilted as the Log Horizon: the destruction of the round table. It got premiered on January 13, 2021.

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Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date

Seven episodes from season three are released so far. The eighth episode is scheduled to get released on March 3 2021. It’s titled as ‘The Oldest Ancient’. And it will get premiered on NHK Educational TV. And this series is produced by the studio Deen. Shinji Ishihara is the director and the script is written by Toshizo Nemoto. Ysuharu Takanashi composed the music.

The original Japanese version with English subtitles is available on Funimation. For the audience of North America and the British Isles. AnimeLab is airing the series for New Zealand and Australian audience. Audiences from Scandinavian and Netherlands will be able to watch the new episode on Wakanim on the same day of their airing in Japan.

Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date, Discussion & Watch Online

But, the Portuguese subtitled version is available on Funimation. Russian, German, and French subtitled version is made available on Wakanim. So, Season three is also available on Netflix Japan. An English dubbed version of season two of Log Horizon is available on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE. The first two English dubbed versions are available on AnimeLab too.

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