Latest Update on WhatsApp you can Now Disable Read Receipts for Voice Messages

Instant messaging app Whatsapp keeps updating its features for the millions of users of the application. WhatsApp Messenger’s latest update on iOS. It has brought with it plenty of changes in the features.

Which is a new animation for voice messages and the ability to disable receivers for these messages. The latest update is live now on the Apple app store. And comes with small changes for the instant messaging app.

Latest Update on WhatsApp you can now Disable Read Receipts for Voice Messages

What are the new features for iOS users?

A new progress bar animation has been a new addition for the voice messages. So, talking about all the voice messages. Once a message has reached to receive the end of the bar. It will go back automatically go back to the start. Presently, this animation is only available for users who are iOS 13 users.

Another new feature that has been included is the ability of the app to disable the read receipts for voice messages. Then, WhatsApp users would now be able to switch off the read receipts that notifies the sender. If they have listened to the audio sent by them or not. For users figuring how to do that, all you need to do is in the WhatsApp Settings. Go to your Account and choose the option of Privacy.

Latest Update on WhatsApp you can now Disable Read Receipts for Voice Messages

WhatsApp has also been making the possibility to import custom. From third parties for animated sticker packs in the application.

This new capability is being tried out by WhatsApp for the users from these countries. Which are Brazil, Iran, and Indonesia. The versions are compatible with the feature which also includes Android and their newer versions. Along with iOS also finally introduced the WhatsApp mute video feature for Android users.

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