A 10-year-old boy Rewrite Ramayana during 2 Months of lockdown!

Ayush Kumar Khuntia is a 10-year-old boy from Bhubaneshwar who rewrote the epic Ramayana in his mother tongue Odia and named it ‘Pilaka Ramayana (Ramayana for children)’

10-year-old Ayush Khuntia rewrote Ramayana in 2 months:

After lockdowns were enforced by governments in many countries, people spent their time at home exploring and learning new things. Those who enjoy outdoor activities found the duration especially challenging.

The drastic lifestyle change had some drawbacks, but it also had a lot of benefits. People were spending more time with their friends, learning new skills. And discovering talents they had never realized they possessed. During the lockdown, some people also started new and prosperous businesses from their homes.

Though most 10-year-olds were occupied with online classes during India’s lockdown. One Bhubaneswar student found time to rewrite the Ramayana in Odia after seeing the epic’s television series. According to ANI, he wrote a total of 104 pages in his mother tongue.

“During the March lockdown, my uncle demanded that I watch Ramayana episodes on television and then write something about it. I watched the Ramayana on DD and wrote down each episode in Odia in my notebook. The book took me two months to finish ” He told the news agency.

“I’ve written about Lord Ram’s 14-year exile from his homeland and Devi Sita’s kidnapping by Ravana from the Panchavati forest in the Ramayana. I also mentioned how the people of Ayodhya greeted Lord Ram after his 14-year exile ” he added.

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