Microsoft Confirms ‘Next Generation of Windows 10’ is Incredible

Are you a windows computer or laptop user? If your answers is yes then read this article very carefully. Here we come with some latest updates about the upcoming update of windows 10. So, if you are interested to know about it then must read the whole article. I hope after reading the whole one you should get the answers of all your questions.

In previous, Miscrosoft windows officials confirmed that, there will be no upcoming windows like windows 11, 12 or so on. But they are just improving windows 10 day by day with better optimization, features and user experience.

So, now comes the question what is coming in the next update of windows.

Microsoft Confirms ‘Next Generation of Windows 10’ is Incredible

About the upcoming update

According to the sources, the official says that the upcoming update is very much incredible and unique to their users. Here we officially get the new windows whose name is Windows 10 Sun valley. It’s also knows as next-generation windows. Here we see a new start menu which come in the place of today’s start menu.

The start menu is give a new modern look which is far better than now. They introducea asthetic changes, such as rounded corners and Fluent Design. The company not only improve the style or look but they also add some features on this. Beside this, action center is also changed a lot and where we see some new features and as well as new look.

Besides this, another source say that Miscrosoft is now trying windows 10x like start menu which is fully free of live or static tiles.

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Microsoft Confirms ‘Next Generation of Windows 10’ is Incredible

Update date

Now the most important question that may come in your mind that, when we get the latest update. So, to be honest the answer is, the date is not disclosed officially.

But we can expect that, the update will hit the RTM status in the month of June. After that, Miscrosoft is rolling the update to their users. So, it’s may take October or November month when you finally download the latest update.

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