Jio Book Launch Date, Features and Price

Laptops are an need of the time. With everything going towards digitalisation. Demand for laptops has increased. In spite of the need most of the middle class can’t afford to buy a laptop. Only reason being the high cost of the laptop. The most if the middle class attend classes, do projects and assignment with the help of the phone. At present the demand for laptops increased amongst the students and this demand should be fulfilled.

Jio book launch date, features and price

Jio has began the production of Jiobook in September, last year. It will be out in the market by first half of May, 2021. In 2018 Miguel Nunes senior director of product at Qualcomm announced that the company was in talks with team Jio on an launch of an laptop with cellular connectivity. Jio is collaborating with China based company Bluebank Communication Technology (an engineer firm that develops mobile devices and software for third parties.)

Jio Book Launch Date, Features and Price

The Laptop has an Android OS version, known as JioOS . The confirmation came from XDA. Jiobook is said to run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC. Jio books comes with 4G LTE connectivity supporters by snapdragon X12. The display of Jiobook is 720 megapixel HD screen. Bluebank is know for it’s KaiOS which is used for several feature phones including the Jio phone.

The laptop is said to have two models a 2GB LPDDR4X RAM with 32GB storage and another with 4GB RAM with 64GB eMMC 5. 1 storage. The starting price of the laptop is believed to be around ₹10000. Which can varry according to the model. Laptops had Ms office, Ms edge and MS teams pre installed in it.

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Jio Book Launch Date, Features and Price

To reduce the production cost of the laptop and to make it available at lower cost. The companies went to low cost vendors for sourcing it’s components. The low cost vendors include Samsung for DRAM AND NAND and Qualcomm for Snapdragon. It will come with mini HDMI connector for video output , dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and three axis – accelerometer. It has a Qualcomm audio chip.

The laptop will in the production validation stage by April and will be launched in the market form May,2021. Jio laptop has used a recycled keyboard which has a window button on it. According to the sources the windows key will be replaced with another key as the laptop has nothing to do with windows.

The information about Jiobook comes from the report but nothing about the Jiobook has been confirmed by the team Jio or reliance. But it’s 100% sure that Jio is launching the Jiobook probably this year.

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