Attack on Titan Chapter 138: Major Spoilers, Eren is DEAD, Read Manga Online

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 spoilers is currently making adjusts on the web. In light of Zekken and Erik’s synopses, it appears to challenge the prior releases, uncovering Mikasa, Eren, Levi, and the remainder of the posse’s future.

Surely, there will be significant passings occurring in Attack on Titan Chapter 138, yet the absolute most fan-most loved characters may endure. As these spoilers have been confirmed, here is the thing that may occur in the penultimate part.

The gathering of spoilers from Zekken, by means of BlockToro, uncovered Gabi, Pieck, and Annie would rejoin with their families. Gabi will embrace her folks, while Piecek and Annie will meet their separate dads.

A thundering Titan will at that point assault Reiner. Armin will change into his Colossal Titan and face Eren. There will be then a ton of “EM” recollections. Mikasa, alongside Levi, will ride on Falco. She will wrap the decade-old scarf that Eren gave her onto her neck.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138: Major Spoilers, Eren is DEAD, Read Manga Online

Levi will assist Mikasa with entering the mouth of Eren’s Attack Titan. Eren will simply take a gander at Mikasa, who will later behead him.

Mikasa will at that point kiss Eren, bidding farewell to an old companion, while Founder Ymir is just watching everything from far off.

Then again, the Attack on Titan Chapter 138 spoilers from Erik uncover its title, called “Humankind’s New Dawn.” Zeke will be in the ways in his Beast Titan structure and unconscious of his encompassing, Anime Troop noted.

Historia simply brings forth her youngster and stays oblivious. After the blast, Reiner will support a significant physical issue. In spite of the fact that Armin will attempt to save him, it will be past the point of no return. Reiner passed on.

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Ymir will at that point get back to the Paths, however she left her called Titans in the rest of the world. A hopping Titan will take out Falco’s Titan, sending the Scouts flying.

Attack on Titan Chapter 138: Major Spoilers, Eren is DEAD, Read Manga Online

Attack on Titan Chapter 138: Release DateĀ 

Levi will fall on the ground and severely hurt his leg. Jean will get Pieck, while a Titan will snatch Connie and eat him, bringing about his destruction.

Falco will slaughter the Titan that murders Connie. Mikasa, Jean, and Pieck will participate in a fight, while Ymir will discuss the new world’s start. Armin will have a discourse and afterward harms himself to change.

Ymir will meet Eren in the Paths to talk something about Historia’s child. Nothing is highly said about Eren here, however fans need to keep a watch out Attack on Titan Chapter 138’s delivery on Tuesday, March 9, per HITC, to perceive what will occur.

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