David Fincher Response after Losing Golden Globe

Golden Globes is one of the most prestigious awards in Hollywood. Some will say next to the Academy Awards. This year there was no Red Carpet because of Corona Virus. Everyone accepted the awards sitting at home.

Many movies competed in the awards in different categories. And in each category, the best one won. A few would of course have a different opinion on which movie should have won. But we think those who won were the obvious choice for that category.

Two movies that competed for best screenplay in this year’s award were Mank by David Fincher. And The Trial Of Chicago 7 by Aaron Sorkin. It was quite difficult to choose one of them. And people were rooting for The Trial Of Chicago 7 cause of the context it holds.

David Fincher Response after Losing Golden Globe


Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher have worked together in the past. Remember The Social Network which was praised by critics. As the best movie of the year and performed well at the box-office. The screenplay of that movie was written by Sorkin and David Fincher directed that movie.

Aaron Sorkin also won the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and BAFTA Awards for the best adaptive screenplay for that movie. and David Fincher won the Golden Globes in the best directors category for the same movie.

David Fincher Response after Losing Golden Globe


This year both of their movies were nominated for best screenplay. Mank and The Trial Of Chicago 7 had tough competition. But Aaron Sorkin won the Golden Globes for the best screenplay as he should. David Fincher as a friend and a competitor had a great reaction. And he raised his glass to congratulate Aaron and then threw the glass in the back. It was also an act of tribute to his father who wrote the script for Mank originally.

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